Ch. Tippytoes Too Tipsy of AurispaAnn initially began breeding and showing Long Coat Chihuahuas in Coventry in the UK during the 70′s.  Upon emigrating to South Africa in the early eighties, we imported 4 Long Coat Chihuahuas from the Dachida’s kennel in Stockport in the UK and then eventually came to have Chinese Crested Dogs, with our base stock from our friends Barrie and Brenda Jones of the world reknown Kojak kennel.  Since then we have extended our bloodlines by entering into a partnership with the well known Finnish Tippytoes kennel.  Ch. Tippytoes Too Tipsy of Aurispa arrived sent with love and care from Minna Eskola and has achieved immense acclaim and went a long way to putting the breed on the map in South Africa. 

Our dogs are all treated as our pets and loved ones first and showdogs second and it is paramount to our kennel that we continue to strive for type, soundness, temperament and education on our chosen breeds. 

Whilst we have not shown frequently over the past few years, we look forward to meeting 2011 with a strong show team of promising youngsters.

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